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Ever dream of having a house concert?  Think you might have a church that wants to host a night of worship and hope?  Backyard worship night?  Worship at your Bible study on Wednesdays?  Does your church need a substitute worship leader on a Sunday morning?  The possibilities are endless.  

Bring dave to you!  Start with submitting a deposit on this page to get the conversation going.   Then we'll work out the details in a separate email conversation.

We can't wait to worship with you in person.

PLEASE NOTE:  Once a deposit is received, dave will reach out to you to discuss particulars.  Our requirements are pretty simple.  Please see below:

WHAT YOU PROVIDE: 1. The Venue 2. whatever promotion you can offer to your friends, congregation, neighborhoods and communities, social media, flyers etc. 3. Meals for dave and/or the band 4. Tables to set up merch.

WHAT DAVE PROVIDES: 1. A night of worship. 2. Sound equipment (to handle up to 200 people) 3. Minimal lighting, screen, projector 4. Lodging.

Let's start the conversation about bringing dave to you!