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The Faith And Gasoline DELUXE EDITION Suitcase

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Releases April 19, 2019.  To celebrate the release of Faith And Gasoline.  Order the DELUXE EDITION Box Set Suitcase.   The suitcase includes the following:

- Signed Faith And Gasoline CD
- Signed Pre-Release of Faith And Gasoline - The Acoustic Sessions (doesn't release until Summer 2019)
- Vintage Road Map from the 60s
- Compass
- Journal
- Hand Written Lyric of "Love Is Here" by davepettigrew
- 3 Vintage Postcards from the 50s & 60s
- Vintage suitcase to hold everything in
- US City Snowglobe from dave's personal collection
- Faith And Gasoline Devotional Book
- Faith And Gasoline Mug
- Faith And Gasoline bumper sticker
- Vintage National Park poster from dave's calendar
- Bible
LIMITED EDITION.  ONLY 20 SUITCASES MADE.  Order yours today before these are sold out!