davepettigrew - 7 Part Video Devotional Series

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Need help on your journey?  Let's dig deep into some scripture, worship and prayer time.

Join dave on a 7 part extensive video devotion series.  Each devotion runs for about 35 - 40 minutes, a total of 5 hours of content.

In these devotions we talk through the following topics:

1. FOCUS - how do we focus more and more on God in our lives
2. ACTION - how do we take action in the world as we follow Jesus
3. SERVING - What does serving mean to you and me and how can we serve more in the world
4. WORRY - do you find yourself crippled sometimes by worry, fear and anxiety…this devotion is for you
5. PEACE - the peace that transcends all understanding, how does it work in our lives
6. DISTANCE - how far are you from God?  How far is he from you?
7. REBUILDING - how to rebuild relationships with God, family friends.

Each devotion focuses on these topics and also features extensive time to worship and pray during the devotions and at the end of the video.

Each devotion also has study questions at the end that you allow you to dig deeper into the topic of the day.

Each devotion features 5 songs to help you in your worship.  Songs like "Love Is Here", "Undertow", "All I Need Is You", "Do It Again", "O Come to the Altar" and many more.

We all need to be drawn closer to God.  Join dave in this 7 part devotion, it’s five hours of content to help you do just that.

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