The 2023 Backyard Worship BBQ Tour w/ davepettigrew

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The Backyard Worship BBQ Tour 2023.  Let's worship together.

I've held worship in all sorts of places -- from churches and concert venues to Six Flags, recording studios, and on Facebook Live!

Now, let's worship in your backyard, your church, your church parking lot, the park in the center of town or wherever you can find a place for us to get together safely and worship

It'll be an amazing way for us to worship together.

In the spirit of Community, let's do something really special. 

All we need is a place large enough for up to 25 people or more to gather and worship together!

I can promise this will be an amazing experience where we can pray together and change the world one person at a time.

If you're interested in hosting an evening of worship order the concert here and I'll contact you with all the details!


- me
- a small sound system, instruments.
- 75 - 90 minutes of worship, stories & songs

- a place where we can gather together
- a flat "stage area" where i can set up and perform
- your friends, family, neighbors, congregation etc.
- maybe some burgers, hot dogs or ribs :) if you're so inclined.
- a table or two so that I can set up some merchandise

Payment 1 is your downpayment and payment 2 is due at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  Once you purchase your down-payment, I'll send over a form for you to fill out so that we can lock in your date.

Let's make it happen!