dp coffee company - Undertow Roast

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dp coffee company -Undertow Roast

Enjoy a cup every morning of the Undertow Roast by the dp coffee company.  An Ethiopian based coffee, it's processed and cultivated in an organic and eco friendly manner.  Roasted in small batches.  Each cup will bring nuances of bright flavors and a little spice.

Origin: Ethiopia
Weight: 12 Ounces

Available in the following variations:

- caffeinated ground
- caffeinated whole bean

Ethiopian Arabica Mocha Harrar coffee Deep Blue:

  • Also referred to as Deep Blue this coffee is grown between 4950 and 6950 feet in elevation.
  •  It is over the top with flavor. It's a very special Harrar with fruity aromatics of blueberry and a well-balanced sugary, sweet texture. It will leave you with a creamy finish that's slow to dissipate.
  • The Harrar region produces a distinctive wild varietal of Arabica coffee. This natural processed coffee has distinct berry notes. 
  • Cupping Notes: Tastes of berry, stone fruit, blackberry, and blueberry.  A heavy body with bright clean acidity and complexity.