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We all love music.

We all know someone who loves music.

Ever have that moment where you say to yourself, "my friend could really use this song right now", or "i know that this song would speak to my sister right now".  

We all have said that to ourselves.  Now, you can act on that thought.

Choose your song and I'll create a personalized video of the song you choose with a personalized introduction and send it directly to your friend or loved one. 

Or, I could send you the link and you can send it along on your own.  

Need a song for yourself?  No problem.  Select the song you want to hear and I'll record a video with a personalized greeting to you.  A single song concert just for you.

But...we all need music, especially now.  We all need music that brings hope, that brings healing.  Order your song today and we'll get to work.  

We can't wait to share this with you and have you share these songs of hope with your friends.  

Order today.


Please use the notes section at checkout for any special instructions and to specify if you'd like me to send it directly to someone or if you'd like to send it yourself.  If you'd like me to send it, please include that persons email address and I will send it along and CC you.  If you'd like to send it yourself, I'll send you the link directly.  Thanks!

Please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.